Sunday, November 8, 2020

They Walk Among Us: The Giant Series D&D Modules

Greetings to you my faithful fellow old salty dog soldiers! Back for another installment of my D&D blog...

I can remember the awe & wonder I experienced at looking at the "Against the Giants" module love these modules too? Excellent...lets set the controls of the "Way-back machine" for the early 1980's...and off we go...

The "G-series" of D&D modules. Created by Gary Gygax himself! Have to say...I 1st laid eyes upon the 1981 reprint "Against the Giants" 3 module combo...a friend owned one. Probably our favorite least starting out...great cover by Bill Willingham.

Some great art in this version that wasn't in the original versions...Willingham, Jeff Dee & Diesel LaForce!

I upgraded my collection this summer...and purchased the 3 Giant modules in their original versions...

Let's look at G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief...

One thing I've learned from looking over these old modules...we must have simplified them in our youth...these are some flat out deadly adventures...and each module gets more so...Great art by the usual suspects: Sutherland & TRAMP...have to love the Kool-Aid pitcher on the shelf in the drawing of the 2 female Hill Giant's in the kitchen!

Yeah...I remember sneaking around those halls...trying to not run into too many Hill Giants before setting the torch to the place! Great fun!

G2 The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl...okay, I ponied up the extra dough for a 1st edition of this module....check out the Lizard man TSR logo...OLD SCHOOL BABY!

Some excellent art from both Dave's (Sutherland & Trampier)...some not included in the later 1981 reprint. Have to love the Halfling's feet in the mouth of the Remorhaz! Also a big fan of the Jarl's trophy room! Being a collector of TRAMP's work I couldn't pass up this old copy!

Another module that I vivdly remember running through....though I'm sure we didn't face the amount of Giants that the module describes! Another great adventure!

G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King

I really don't recall this module from my playing days....maybe it was too tough for us. Maybe we got distracted by the time we got this far into the combined adventure...maybe we just ran out of time!

Very challenging module...great art, maps & challenges. Love TRAMP's Fire giant...which came 1st...the Monster Manual or G3? Love the back cover with the hippogriffs, too! The Trolls as well...nightmares come to life! Stellar stuff!

Great memories of days gone by...Autumn always make me think of D&D...the smell of burning leaves...the crisp air. Does my heart good to hang on to these old treasures...hope the same for you.

Stay safe & well...

Be seeing you again soon...


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