Sunday, September 13, 2020

D&D Summer Quarantine 2020


Greetings fellow plague survivors! Hope you're all staying safe & well during these strange days. I've taken the longest break since starting this blog 2+ years ago...lets jump back into the mix, shall we?

I've been back to work all summer...staying isolated & keeping myself free of the virus...I have picked up a few D&D related items in my down time...

I replaced the reprint versions of the monochrome modules that I owned with the "real deal". The Giant series and White Plume Mountain...even went as far as to pick up a 1st print "Frost Giants" module...Tramp cover did it for me! Dig the original TSR Lizard man logo!

Picked up the "Blueholme" books & module to check out...I'm a sucker for "Old School" style D&D. I'll review the books & the "Necropolis of Nuromen" in the next blog entry!

Same with Dungeon Crawl Classics...picked it up to see what its all in the near future...

I bought some more old Dragon much for the original Dave Trampier art as anything...those old Dragon mags are far superior, in content as well as style, to anything that came afterwards.

I even purchased a print from Jeff Dee...who has been reproducing old works that he did for TSR back in the early 1980's...I got the Elric from Deities & Demigods

Brings back some great memories for me!

And I painted a slew of minis this summer...finished the LOTR minis...didn't find the time to finish my blogging about them, though! Drats! Here's the finished fellowship...along with a Gollum mini from the same period!

Other minis...

Here's the giants, from Otherworld Miniatures, that I painted this summer...all are based on Dave Trampier's drawings from the Monster Manual! 

Well that mostly brings us up to speed...hopefully I'll find more time & inspiration to blog with the weather turning colder & the days getting shorter. 


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