Sunday, February 10, 2019

2 Killer Dungeons & a 1984 Gem: Tegel Manor, The Citadel of Fire, and the 1984 Advanced D&D Player Character Sheets

Back from the freezing cold with more artifacts from the early days of D&D! Just what you need to shake off the mid-winter blues! Lets take a look!
First up is a repop ( now you know!) of the Judges Guild 1977 classic TEGEL MANOR!

The back cover is a reproduction of the original 1977 cover...the descriptive paragraph at the bottom of the page replaces the "DUNGEONS & DRAGONS" that was originally on that cover! Don't want any copyright hassles with WOC!
This is the 2015 Goodman Games repop of the 1977 "Haunted Mansion" known as TEGEL MANOR. Created for use with "Original Dungeons and Dragons"...this is a brutal adventure! Tons of undead and lycanthropes....and traps to boot! 
Goodman Games provides repops of the original maps...for that "1977 vibe"!
The Mansion
The surrounding countryside 
 And a blank map that the players should fill in as they explore! 

And as if  the numerous rooms of the manor aren't enough to kill a group of get 4 Dungeon levels...just for kicks!

I confessed in an earlier installment of this blog that I had never actually played in a Judges Guild dungeon in my career as a "Murder Hobo"...but I sure wish that I had! Very well thought out settings and monsters...
You have to love the charts, created by Judges Guild, to determine the effects high levels of damage have on a "resurrected" player character! These guys had a great sense of humor!

For those of us with a love of old JG's product catalog...the "Treasure Vault"! Bitchin'!

But wait...THERE'S MORE! For the 2015 edition Goodman Games added a "mini" adventurer...The Temple of Tsathoggus by Michael Curtis! 

Kudos to Goodman Games! This is an excellent addition to any D&D campaign. Like any good middle aged RPGer I have dreams of running this dungeon in the near future!

And then we have 1978's CITADEL OF FIRE

This version of COF was published in 1980...I recently purchased it from Ebay. It's in pretty decent shape. Looks like a tough adventurer...An evil Wizard's Tower to explore...with dungeon levels below! Plently of cool Old School art to go with it. Crude, by todays standards, but it has a charm all its own!

This dungeon is aimed at "Higher Level" player characters...and it has some tough situations as well as monsters!

Just so you get an idea of what the dungeons look like...not as say "professional" as D&D at the time...1978 is when the 1st batch of TSR modules was released...but damn good & absolutely worthwhile! 

And, from 1984, the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player Character Record Sheets

Excellent cover art by the legendary Jeff Dee!
I also recently purchased this off Ebay. I know there are older versions...I'm just not that big a fan of the Erol Otus cover! And I'm not ready to part with the kingly ransom that people are asking for the older version with the magnificent cover by Tom Wham! Not yet at least! 
Anywhoo...This is missing 1 sheet each of the Fighter, Magic User & Bard pages...but its in excellent shape throughout!

It's all down to personal preference...I like the Basic Character Sheets from this same time better for game use...and the older 70's PC Sheets even moreso...the simpler the better in my eyes!
But all 3 of these were worthy additions to my D&D collection/obsession! 'Till next time...UP THE IRONS!