Saturday, January 5, 2019

Dragonlance Collection

Welcome back my warrior brethren! A happy New Year to you all! Lets start 2019 with a look at the TSR product that launched the company into the book is my personal Dragonlance collection!

Here's the first three books...purchased (all except the red one, I've misplaced my copy!) back in the 1980's! I had to order a copy of "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" off of Amazon recently...I've seemed to have misplaced my original copy in the many moves I've made over the years!
Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman hit it out of the park with this trio of books! Many of us "Old School D&D" types were enchanted with this series! Tanis, Fizban, Tas & Flint...and the incredible anti-hero Raistlin Majere!

The success of this series spawned "The Twins" series and an entire cottage industry of novels for TSR! Many a DM cherry picked ideas for their own "homebrew" campaigns from these books! And they added a modern source for us back then....Howard, Tolkien & Leiber were from older generations. Here were stories from the source itself, TSR!
Now I'll admit...purchasing those 3 original print copies of Dragonlance would be a pricey proposition these days! I had to wait and snipe my recently aquired copy for a decent price! If you'd like to read the series I'd recommend the above pictured collection of the "Dragonlance Chronicles"...all three books in one tome! Large print to boot for those of us getting a little "long in the tooth"!

Another excellent Dragonlance publication is 1987's "The Art of Dragonlance Saga".  Art by such fantasy luminaries as Larry Elmore, Clyde Caldwell, Jeff Easley and the late keith Parkinson makes this book a must have for us old school grognards and anyone who appreciates fantasy art!

Fantastic art to go along with a great story! Check online as well as your local used books stores for these excellent works! You won't be disappointed! Until next time....