Sunday, June 16, 2019

Battlelands of Titan: More from the estate of Jason B. McAllister

As promised here is more that I purchased from the estate of Jason B. McAllister....who created the TITAN game along with D&D artist Dave Trampier.
I've got a pretty decent TRAMP collection this was another "no brainer" when I noticed it for sale on EBAY. This is an "unsold copy of the BATTLELANDS supplement for Titan" that belonged to Mr. McAllister.

Envelope is in mint shape...TRAMP's art is just astounding....Knight battling a Dragon.
"Battle-Boards" in mint shape as well....

Un-punched game pieces.....

"Masterchart" present & accounted for!
 Not sure what this attached note pertains to....having never played TITAN myself!

An excellent addition to my growing TRAMP collection.....
And a couple of days later I added even more...
Game pieces for TITAN, more "Battleboards"....and a TITAN "master-board" were for sale...I won that auction as well
 Tramps art makes even the instructions for the game awesome!
 The detail is part of what made TRAMP so special...

The "Masterboard" is brilliant in and of itself....I might have to break down & buy a Avalon Hill copy of the game just to actually play it!
Just another old D&D guy collecting these ancient treasures....'till next time....EXCELSIOR!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

1983 Ral Partha Giant miniature

I've always had a soft spot in my black heart for those "Old School" D&D miniatures: Grenadier, Citadel and Ral Partha. So I jumped at the chance to pick up this old Ral Partha "Cloud" Giant recently.

I think I remember seeing an add with this old fella in a DRAGON magazine once upon a time...always thought he looked like a cross between a Muppet and the giant from the movies "Time Bandits".
 Here's another looked at the unpainted model

Seems like a slightly boozy English Giant to me....certainly not a "Cloud" giant as advertised in 1983...looks like a Hill or Mountain giant, so I painted him accordingly
The Base coat...

Just the basic flesh-tone, hair, wood & stone to get things rolling...

From there I added some dry brushing of body hair, drunkard's nose, wolf's hide loin cloth, leather straps & fur boots...pretty easy mini to paint.

Some highlights to his hair (Grey & White), to the fur and 3 different color washes. Stones (for boulders) foliage & green paint to the base. A quick spray on clear coat was the final touch.

I'll give him a final brushed on clear coat to lessen the shine on him & he'll be finished. I'm pretty jazzed on how "Ol' Bob" turned out!
As a closing side note: This mini taught me a valuable lesson. I pinned & glued  BEfORE painting him....something I won't do again. 
Paint 1st then assemble....because I like using multiple washes...and Super Glue doesn't like water! His lower back bares the scars...I like to think he was wounded in a battle with some troublesome Dwarves ages ago...he looks to me like he's had a few too many pints and is dreading going home to the Missus! 
Till next time....EXCELSIOR! 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Dave Trampier Original Art: I purchased the Gorgonstar TITAN box cover art!

I'll cut right to it people...I was able to purchase a piece of Dave Trampier's original art the other day....and I'm over the Moon about it!
Yup....was alerted to an auction on Ebay by a fellow Facebook TRAMP fan....this transparency was used in the silk screen process for the 1980 GORGONSTAR board game TITAN....the game was created by David A. Trampier & Jason B. McAllister.
7x11 of ink on plex-like plastic....hand drawn by TRAMP himself.
The 1st pic is how it arrived at my house....complete with a certificate of authenticity. This was the picture that I saw on Ebay....and decided to "pull the trigger". We all know that TRAMP's art doesn't show up often anywhere...

After it arrived I added some red & white "acid free" (thanks to the many folks who advised I use such paper on FB!) paper to bring the piece to you see what the TITAN box art looked/s like in full color.
A bit more "fine tuning" on my part and it was ready for its place on my wall...
And keeping with the TITAN theme....heres a look at Tim Kask's magazine ADVENTURE GAMING issue #5 from 1981 that has a cover by TRAMP...the issue promotes the TITAN game....with articles by both Jason McAllister & TRAMP himself.

I'm beyond thrilled that I now own a piece of gaming history....Dave Trampier is, in my humble opinion, the best artist TSR ever had. It boggles my mind that I have in my possession something that he himself actually physically touched...let alone created!
And as a side note....I just tonight purchased another bit of TRAMP art/gaming memorabilia that I share with y'all as soon as it arrives! 'Till then may all your rolls by critical hits!