Monday, September 24, 2018

D & D Treasures: Holmes Dice & Box, and other rarities!

Greetings fellow warhorses of destruction! Another D&D blog entry for those as obsessed as I! Just showing off a few recent Ebay pickups! Lets jump right in...
     I didn't have the Holmes "Blue Book" "back in the day"....but have always wanted it & the incredible box it came in! That cover by David C. Sutherland III is just iconic! I managed to snatch one recently off Ebay for a decent price...

The color is still vibrant despite its advanced age! The back of the box shows a B&W pic of the contents...which brings me to another part of this sweet deal...the Original Holmes polyhedral dice!
     I've noticed that these dice go for as low as $50 on Ebay...and as much as $125! I paid less than $50 for the entire set...which shows that exercising some patience is well worth your time when it comes to Ebay!
     Also included was an original copy of "In Search of the Unknown" module....which will replace my reproduction version purchased recently!
      Even the advertisement for "The Best of The Dragon" magazine was included!

A dream come true for a middle-aged gamer to pick up all these cool aged artifacts....and as an extra bonus...I grabbed this brilliant St. Regis Dungeons & Dragons portfolio too!

These old portfolios, produced back in 1981, are usually very pricey on Ebay. I lucked out again by biding my time & waiting for a reasonably priced one to come along!
     Hope you enjoy looking at this old D&D stuff as much as I do....until next time fellow Grognards...Excelsior!