Sunday, June 9, 2019

1983 Ral Partha Giant miniature

I've always had a soft spot in my black heart for those "Old School" D&D miniatures: Grenadier, Citadel and Ral Partha. So I jumped at the chance to pick up this old Ral Partha "Cloud" Giant recently.

I think I remember seeing an add with this old fella in a DRAGON magazine once upon a time...always thought he looked like a cross between a Muppet and the giant from the movies "Time Bandits".
 Here's another looked at the unpainted model

Seems like a slightly boozy English Giant to me....certainly not a "Cloud" giant as advertised in 1983...looks like a Hill or Mountain giant, so I painted him accordingly
The Base coat...

Just the basic flesh-tone, hair, wood & stone to get things rolling...

From there I added some dry brushing of body hair, drunkard's nose, wolf's hide loin cloth, leather straps & fur boots...pretty easy mini to paint.

Some highlights to his hair (Grey & White), to the fur and 3 different color washes. Stones (for boulders) foliage & green paint to the base. A quick spray on clear coat was the final touch.

I'll give him a final brushed on clear coat to lessen the shine on him & he'll be finished. I'm pretty jazzed on how "Ol' Bob" turned out!
As a closing side note: This mini taught me a valuable lesson. I pinned & glued  BEfORE painting him....something I won't do again. 
Paint 1st then assemble....because I like using multiple washes...and Super Glue doesn't like water! His lower back bares the scars...I like to think he was wounded in a battle with some troublesome Dwarves ages ago...he looks to me like he's had a few too many pints and is dreading going home to the Missus! 
Till next time....EXCELSIOR! 

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