Monday, July 8, 2019

1977 D&D Tom Wham Character Record Sheets

Just a quick blog entry. This old gem showed up in the mail today.
Bought it off Ebay. I had the early 80's Character Record Sheets. 1977 was a bit before my gaming time!
Not sure why the pics are so washed of color....the CRS's are a pretty vibrant yellow. Hope you enjoy checking these out!

Only half the sheets remain. I got this at a very discounted price. I'm not insane enough to pay the amount of money for an immaculate copy!
Love the art of Tom Wham. He's an unsung hero of early D&D!
Such a great drawing. Tom's humor is in everything I've ever seen of his work!
Vintage too!
1977...I was in 4th grade! Too funny. I'll be keeping this under glass from here on out!

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