Saturday, April 27, 2019

My David C. Sutherland III inspired Dragon miniature

I happened upon this Reaper Bones "Great Dragon" a while looking mini!
Then the wheels started turning...I could paint this dragon to look like the one on the Holmes Blue Basic Box set cover! 
I had to hone my painting skills first...bought a bunch of smaller minis & studied the interwebs for tips & "how to" videos on Youtube.
So here's my small tribute to David C. Sutherland III...a very overlooked & under appreciated OLD SCHOOL D&D artist...who passed too young & too soon.
 I went with the blue wings from the Basic Box...such an iconic work!

Really enjoyed myself painting this mini...tried to capture the essence of the DCS3 work...the gold reflecting off the Dragon's red scales...I'll be painting more this summer as my work schedule allows...'till next time....Excelsior!
And...I almost forgot...must be old age...I painted a Unicorn mini for my youngest niece, knowing that I would see her for the Easter holiday celebration! She liked it very much! 


  1. Were did you purchase the figurines? Were could I get some please? My email is Thank you.


  2. Ebay is a great source for both old & new miniatures....I picked up an old Ral Partha Ogre riding a War Elephant the other day for a reasonable price!