Monday, July 9, 2018

The Dragon Magazine #15 1978 David A. Trampier Cover & 2nd Birthday Present

"Hot Fun in The Summertime!" Hope the rest of you are enjoying this heat! Summer vacation from school meant all night D&D sessions, swimming, riding our BMX bikes....good times!
I'm a member of a Facebook group..."David A. Trampier Fans" should be too!
A member posted a pic of an old Dragon (actually THE Dragon back then!) magazine....#15 to be precise. It's the only time our man Tramp did the cover....and it's a beaut! 
I read somewhere online that its Cu' Chulainn & his loyal charioteer Laeg! I bought this with the intent of framing it! Knocked out by the fact that the magazine is from June of '78...just think: Van Halen I was 4 months old at this point!
Look at this lineup of TSR Immortals! The Mighty Gygax, Lords Kask & Orlowski! And that "Art Department"! Sutherland, Wham & TRAMP! Never got any better than far as I'm concerned!
 "From The Sorcerer's Scroll"....and straight to you! Had to be incredible to have the man himself available for insight into the game we all love!
"Finieous Fingers" cartoon....way before I started reading The Dragon! Very light hearted & funny! Seems totally "1970's" to the best possible way!
1 panel cartoon of "Wormy"....which sets up the surprise of this mag...The "2nd Birthday Present" included in this issue! I had no idea...until I did a little research on #15 on the interwebs....seems TRAMP drew a backgammon table (you see Wormy's gold spilling out onto it!) that was included as a centerfold poster!
Once I learned this...I fired off private messages to the individuals who had this issue for sale...1 guy said...."Yeah, it still has the centerfold stapled in it. It's so old I don't want to open it for fear of it tearing."
Long story short....
 I really feel like I hit the "jackpot" today!

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  1. Is there any way you could post up a high-res image of the Trampier backgammon board? There appear to be none online, anywhere.